WordCamp 2012 Cuttack Event for all WordPress User & Developers

As we all know, WordPress commonly known as WP is the most common and the best blogging and CMS platform all over the world. While one of the most important stats of this CMS tools is that it is used and liked by almost every blogger of the world making it to be more effecient for bloggers. WordPress is been highly used by everyone including all bloggers and webmasters in creating blogs, developing websites, customizing CMS variety of tools and lots more. The main reason why WordPress is so popular is because it offers wide range of customizing tools and variety of options to easily create, manage and alter contents every now and then.

However, if you are still choosy about the selection of your particular cusomizing options, then wordpress allows you to install various predefined and custom themes of your choice along with variety of plugins to enhance the growth of your blog. While, if you are newbie then wordpress.com offers you a platform to grow your blogging skills and for bloggers who have good knowledge and experience, wordpress.org provides full controls on hosting, themes, and plugins.

While, if you are looking forward to learn more about WordPress, then here’s an awesome opportunity for you to learn and grow more at the WordCamp Cuttack 2012 camp which is specially meant for all bloggers, webmasters and for wordpress users and developers to share and invent new ideas.

WordCamp Cuttack 2012 Schedule

The WordCamp Cuttack 2012 camp is going to happen in Cuttack, Odisha which is going to be 2 days long event which will start on 10th March and will be ending on 11th March. Below is the complete schedule of the wordpress Cuttak camp.

WordCamp 2012 Cuttack Event for all WordPress User & Developers


WordCamp 2012 Cuttack Event for all WordPress User & Developers

You can also book your tickets from online at WordCamp Cuttack Book Tickets


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