Techinline – Best Remote Desktop Viewer Tool

A Successful Business always gets into the top with the coordination of work. However, there are so many important tasks where Business has to send and receive data across their different centers along with sending and receiving from their clients as well. While, problems comes between the section of sending and receiving information from the other end.

For these kind of Problems, Remote Desktop technology comes into place in trasferring data with various clients as well as to their associates. While, it has always been one of the amazing thing to be able to control other person system with just Remote technology.

Techinline - Best Remote Desktop Viewer Tool

This is one such place, where you can solve all your problems by just sitting onto your own office and performing all tasks at the other end as well. However, this will also save more time along with more resources with respect to money as well as work. For this Solution, we bring you Techinline, the best Remote Assistance solution provider.

There are various services offered by Techinline

No Installation : Requires Just a Internet Connection along with a Web Browser to start Up a connection along with getting free from installation procedure.

Easy Setup : No wasting time in setting up the connection since it requires only 3-4 steps to start a session. Connect Now without wasting any time.

Secured Connection : All Connection comes with a 128 bit Secured Socket Layer(SSL) which will always provides you with an extra

Drag and Drop Transfer: Easy Sharing with the excellent Drag and Drop Facility without even a single drop in information sharing.

Instant message : Additional Information sharing with the help of Instant message with the other end.

Multi Monitor Support : Provides you an additional Monitor support so that you can also perform other tasks as well like viewing or reading some other documents.

Dual Desktop Sharing : Trasforming the Entire system from one end towards the other along with totally shifting the entire connection.

Customizable : Interface can be customized so that it can suits your preference along with your colors.

Pricing Details

Techinline’s remote desktop service can be availed in two options which includes the following

Pay as you go’: Pay per session bundles, ideal for sporadic usage and personal use.

  • 5 Sessions – 20 USD
  • 20 Sessions – 60 USD
  • 50 Sessions – 135 USD
  • 100 Sessions – 240 USD

Unlimited Subscriptions‘: Ideal for small and medium enterprises and consistent use.

  • Monthly subscription – 30 USD
  • Quarterly subscription – 85 USD
  • Semi-Annual subscription – 160 USD
  • Yearly Subscription – 300 USD

System Requirements

  • A modem connection. DSL/Cable is recommended.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or latest, Firefox 1.5 or latest, Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7
  • It does not support Mac OSX for now. The company may add compatibility for it in future.


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