Make International Free Calls with magicJack Plus

If you staying in US or in Canada and looking for Cheap calling Rates then you must check out magicJack Plus, which is a cool and small Electronic gadget which is providing all its users and customers with Unlimited calling for just $29.95 per year. However, it is just an updated version of the magic Jack and all of its functionality are very similar to its predecessor.

While the newer version has many more advantages for which users now doesn’t have to put up USB port to computer to power ON. The newer version has brought more changes, with which now the magicJack Plus can be operated with a device by using standard modem or router.

Make International Free Calls with magicJack Plus

The magicjack plus phone service comes out with the feature of Long Distance and Unlimited Local Calling Feature to United States and Canada. You might wonder but many of the features which are available and are provided by your Home Provider are included in magicJack Plus. And some of the most popular feature includes 3 way calling, 911 service, free 411 directory assistance, call forwarding, and call waiting. It also delivers voicemail service.

While, another addon is that Customers can also use magicJack Plus to make calls to different countries which will always reduce their cost in calling. The cost might depends on the country to which you are making a international call, and if you are making call to US and Canada then its going to be more cheaper.

But like every other product, magicJack Plus also have some of the drawbacks which includes an Internet connection to have by user to start calling. If there is any Internet breakage or Power breakage then you might not able to connect to calling.


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