Interview with Riten Jain, the new Youth Generation

Its been fantastic to announce that the our new SEO master Mr. Riten Jain has been interviewed on an emerging blog. It feels awesome when someone who is our master has been interviewed on some sites.

This is what Mr. Riten Jain has to say about the interview

Never thought that i would be in such a huge achivement. Although our main achievemts are still to be completed, but this was is so close to me. Enjoy the simple success…..

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Interview with Riten Jain, the new Youth Generation

This is the complete Interview….

Welcome to Tell us about yourself and your websites?

First of all, Thank you so much for interviewing me. I am Riten Jain, Pursued B.B.A and currently working in a web designing company and a part-time blogger. I blog at and (coming up with something new).

Tell us about the beginning of your online journey?

I started my online journey with with aim to earn few bucks but nothing went in my favor, then from scratch I started and devoted all my time in learning about online marketing and blogging and then in mid September with my friend Chintan Jain started

Do you manage your websites by yourself? which is managed by me but currently it’s been on hold. For now I only blog at with chintan jain.

How many hours you spend online?

4 to 5 hours.

Tell us about the present statistics for your websites?

Currently months old ) receive around 700 page views a day with 100+ subscriber and alexa ranking of: 127,939.

Do you think online business is easier in comparison to offline business?

Not really but I believe in one thing if u love wat u do then it will be fun more of a work.

Do you think you had achieved you professional goals or do you feel that still a lots need to be done?

Goals never be static they keep on increases and it’s just started for me as I say yet to discover a lot.

If you had not been blogging than what else you had been doing?

Seriously, No idea. 😛

What qualities are needed in your opinion to succeed online?

Patience and self-discipline.

What are the blogs that you follow except your own?

I follow many blogs but problogger and dailyblogtips are main among those.

What advice will you give to other budding bloggers?

Always be true and provide quality. Success will touch your feet. Never Quit Keep On Blogging.


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