Interview with Chintan Jain, Angel Jain(Inspiration) DREAMS

Its been fantastic to announce that the our new takeover Chintan Jain has been interviewed on a popular blog. It feels awesome when someone who is our master has been interviewed on some sites.

This is what Mr. Chintan Jain has to say about the interview

It always acts as an appreciation with these small small steps towards personal growth, focused on DREAMS completely and got to know facts that why Angel Jain always told to stick to DREAMS, looking forward to follow her rules and ideas on DREAMS…..

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Interview with Chintan Jain, Angel Jain(Inspiration) DREAMS

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This is the complete Interview….

When did you started Blogging

It has been time, since i started blogging with a great aspiration to grow myself into the emerging online field. Started the journed with just a little Blogspot blog on Security over Internet, but was soon removed by Google due to some Non Disclosure Stuffs. It has been over 1.5 years when i was in my college 2nd Year, my journey was started, journey has been going well, infact pretty much cool and fantastic over the virtual world. Now completed BCA and currently working as a Web Developer for some projects and of course as Blogger too..


How much Experience do you have

Talking about Experience, well seriously speaking i had NONE, when my journey began. But soon with the mindset of learning and experiment new things made myself to be good enough today with some experience over the online world. Now been able to tweak with all kinds of code and errors over and over again.


What was the biggest obstacle when you started blogging

No obstacle was never big for me in my life always, with this fact, I always considered to be every problem as the most easiest solution for me. While there were so many smaller obstacles which I had faced during my blogging career including among them was my Web blog suspension from my Hosting and I had to lose all Money already paid to them in advance, then finally with all the problems that came during site suspension made me to seriously look at my optimization process which also gave me the magic to experiment with new designs and code


The best thing you did for building your Blog

One of the most prestigious thing which i did for my blogs was setting them as a Standard which made myself to be on Top along with most emerging bloggers. Additionally went to promote my blogs on some of the most famous directories and finally hired Content Writers for all most all of my blogs, so that I can get some time for Web Marketing Process.


How you are making money from blog

I am pretty much sure that almost all bloggers know the ways to make money with the blogs, some of which includes Advertising, Marketing, Paid Services, Affiliate Marketing. However there are still many ways for me to still capture, hope to get started with all of them soon to cover up sometime in very near future.

From where you got the inspiration

The day when I completed School, had just a single DREAM of getting a job into the most reputed Company, but lately soon I realised that Job is not what i wanted to get around for myself. At that point of time, several gifts from GOD came to me in form of complete revolutionary person belonging to my life Angel Jain (the inspiration) whom I considered to my Inspiration of Life and will soon complete all DREAMS of my Life.


Do you have any experience of Coding

Personally, I am a Programmer who completed learning’s all the Basic as well as advanced facts of all Programming Languages including to that of C, C++, JAVA, DOT NET, and all the rest. While I completely feel that Web Developing Industry has a little more opportunities as well as scope in Future, therefore looking forward to be an expert into Web Developing Activities


Which blog do you open daily (Favorite Websites)

Speaking about the Blog which I always recommend to open and see is absolutely mine blog

  • Crunchynow – which is currently a PR2 blog contains all tutorials about Blogging and SEO for all individuals who wants to start blogging as their part time or full time career along with to get experience and expert in definite areas of blogging
  • Digital Imagination – which is now a PR1 blog contains all tutorials about How to Guide, Web Guide along with Social Media Guide for helping people with all kinds of tutorials.
  • Freebiesbuzz – which is a PR1 blog, for ultimate Giveaway and Discount along with Free Stuff

Other the above specified websites, I look out to almost all of my bloggers websites including of both Indian Bloggers as well as Foreign Bloggers.


Books you read, movies you see

As I was speaking myself about DREAMS, so watching movie has never been an interesting thing for me, since i personally feel that these things might sometime lead to addiction leading to mis interpretation of DREAMS. While I have no personal complaints towards Movies, like to watch Movies which has some meaning on Life or on DREAMS like that of “The Social Network” or “Iqbal”. Moving towards books includes list of some items that gives me good knowledge as well as inspiration to move forward includes “50 Ways to make Google Love your Website” or “I have a DREAM” or this one too “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Favorite Quote

I always likes to inspire people as I myself has been inspired by Someone else. Moreover I always likes to focus on DREAMS and GOALS of an individual as many people don’t actually believe that they also can even complete all their dreams by some simple fact of life. The Quote which I always have with me


Just because I am a person of DREAMS so my quote will always be for a DREAM. Although there are many other quotes as well which I follow, some of the most popular of mine is




How Much time do you spend daily for Blogging

I was pretty much sure about this question, well frankly speaking, I am always available online with the fact that I always likes to be updated with the latest trends, news and tips that are very much useful to me in present as well as for the Future. However, a rough estimate can give you about 9-10 hours a day of myself being connected to online either through PC or throughMobile.

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