Interview with Chintan Jain, a little Genius Master

Its been fantastic to announce that the our new takeover Chintan Jain has been interviewed on a popular blog. It feels awesome when someone who is our master has been interviewed on some sites.

This is what Mr. Chintan Jain has to say about the interview

It feels pleasure to be interviewed, these are some small small steps which would make us to grow more and more. These are best inspiration of our life, Lets Move ahead More and More…..

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Interview with Chintan Jain, Founder of CINR Solutions

This is the complete Interview….

Give us a short introduction about you?

I am Just like among everyone but a little different from each of them. Along with having BIG DREAMS, I aspire to be one of the most successful person of the century. Looking forward to inspire many people with my work. If you think that you have the quality in you then you are welcomed to work along with us.

What do you think about blogging ?

Blogging is basically an art of enjoying yourself along with increasing your Creativity, building brands, motivation, and a perfect source of inspiration. If someone is looking for a big brand to be produced via online, then blogging will be the best platform to achieve it.

According to you which is a better platform for blogging WordPress or Blogger and why ?

For people who are willing to start blogging should choose blogspot, but after sometime you should migrate yourself to wordpress. Since wordpress allows more customization of Search Engine Optimization. While it is not necessary to start with blogspot only, if you have confidence in yourself and if you willing to learn then wordpress would be the best option.

When did you start blogging and when did you got the success ?

Started blogging on September 3, 2010 with an aim to do something for all my friends, decided to develop a blog on the blogspot platform which consisted of all the blogging tips and tricks across the globe. Initially i didn’t achieve anything in terms of money as well as support since i was new to that field. But i didn’t lose hope since i had some bigger plans to achieve. I searched around for everything in Google related to blogging. Soon shifted to wordpress blog on January 18, 2011. My first achievement in blogging was when i sold my first affiliate of WP ROBOT for 139$, through that i generated an income of 59$ in my account. After that there were so many achievements like winning contest, premium stuffs. But the one which i have achieved very recently was acquiring for 85$.

Who is your role model in this blogging field and why ?

Currently there is no role model that i have chosen in the field of blogging, But YES, my friend Karthick Kumar is the best source of inspiration for me to enter into this field and always supported me for everything. Mr. Riten Jain, who has been my partner in my company. So in a simpler sense you can agree that he is my inspiration along with karthick. Although the Role model of my Life has always been the only person Angel Jain who completely transformed my life to a new aspiring nature

To whom would you like to give the credit of your blog ?

My credit of creating a professional blog goes to Mr. karthick who always supported me in every task whether it is customization of theme or WordPress Maintanence, Google Apps creation , every single thing goes to him.

What was your main aim to start

Crunchynow is being formed for the purpose of making people aware about the effects of blogging industry and the worth of blogger in today’s world. We are also looking forward to some serious Blogging with related to Blogspot and WordPress along with Blogging Tools, Tips & Tricks and Guides. Crunchynow is a Technology Blog Covers Information on Blogging with related to Blogspot and wordpress, Social Media, SEO, Blogging Tips, Blogging Ebooks, Blogger and wordpress Themes and lot More..

What was your main aim behind acquiring

Freebiesbuzz is a very good domain with rich keywords and very vast network consisting of lots of areas to cover on. Freebiesbuzz is looking forward to become the master in sources of everything for free! Freebiesbuzz update the website on a regular basis. We Provide free information about freebies and giveaway on internet. Freebiesbuzz offer variety of freebies which includes Magazine, Product samples, webmaster resources, Softwares, Keygens, Coupons, Discounts, Vouchers, Reviews, Games, Deals, Specials, Offers, Shopping, Recharge, Sales, Giveaways, Gadgets, Templates, Token, Earning material and dozens of other categories of Free stuffs as well.

What are the upcoming Challenges?

The upcoming challenges will include acquisition of, and redefining new areas to look on for Imagination) along with having plan to open up a education portal Coders Guide very soon. We have already had a talk to the respective owners to and for acquisition and it will be available in our brand category within few months.

Give some tips that you would like to share with our readers?

Blogging is a way to express yourself in a better manner. In the beginning you will face many problems related to it. Many people might not respond you or you might even generate zero income in the beginning phase, but what i have learn is, If you want  something just fight for it. Below are something i would like to share with you all.






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