How CDW’s Cloud Collaboration Solutions Benefit Companies

In this modern era, all companies are looking forward to go ahead and use all possible modern techiques. This is where they are using more resources and are enabling themselves to utilize multiple collaboration techniques to achieve their goals. You might not know, but collabration technique is one of the main tool for companies to run their business effectively. It is because of a simple reason that most business today work in virtual and separate location and thus would want to communicate with each other with respect to team, clients and partners.

While Voice and voicemail, video conferencing, mobility, contact center services, instant messaging, and presence are some of the most common tools which almost all companies use today. These tools not just increase the effeciency of any company, but also simplify their organizational process. One of the biggest problem every company is facing today is accessibility for various tools available only at certain locations or only for certain devices. To avoid all of these problem, we bring you a smart and effective solution from CDW Cloud Collaboration.

With CDW Cloud Collaboration, now all the changes are possible at any place, at any time wherein you can direct access from CDW collaboration tools. You also get a Unified Collaboration when you get access to CWD along with collaboration tools from Cisco Systems for managing your services in a better manner.

There is no doubt that these tools would definitely help companies in many ways including a fact that they are hosted on Cloud, which helps anyone to access them, who has permission for it, and use them to effectively utilize and manage company's resources. Not just this, even the larger companies would also find it useful since it helps organization to easily track and monitor the work progress of each employees with respect to each projects along with at different location in the world.

One of the biggest advantage of using CDW is that you can establish and employ more and more virtual workers and get your work done very easily and smoothly. Another advantage which makes it really fantastic is that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world and just can startoff with the work at any time.

With the help of CDW technologies, companies can now fully concentrate on providing IT Support collaboration services without even have to think about how things would actually work.

CDW is already rich in its unified communications, where they have already deployed more than 4,000 Cisco employees. The Cloud Collaboration is hosted from their own 485,000 square foot Tier III-IV facility. Virtualization, storage, and optimization services are all powered by the data center's 8.2 megawatts.

Have some more question about CDW Cloud Collaboration can work for you? Check out CDW's Solutions blog or have a look at this video:

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