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Free Download Popular Top Best Inpirational Movies All Time list

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The Social Network

Given that Facebook is what it is today, I must admit that it’s somewhat surprising that it has taken this long for a movie to be made about its origins. And while that movie, The Social Network, is an interesting and visually rich exploration of the events that led up to arguably the most influential invention of a generation, a lackluster ending and overall feeling of pointlessness mark it well short of being the film which defines a generation.


A classic underdog story, the movie itself was an underdog because it was shot for only 1.2 million dollars and it took under a month to shoot. But just like the hero of the movie, the film shocked everyone when it made over 117 million and won three Oscars including best picture.

It’s A Wonderful Life

Every year around Christmas, there are two stories guaranteed to show up somewhere, sometime on television: A Christmas Carol (of which there are several good versions) and It’s a Wonderful Life (of which there is only one). An angel helps a compassionate but despairingly frustrated businessman by showing what life would have been like if he never existed. In today’s cynical climate, I doubt that a picture like this could be made.

Field of Dreams

This movie is about dreams and baseball. The movie takes a twist towards the insane when Ray is standing in the middle of a corn field and hears a quiet voice that says to him, “If you build it, he will come.”

The Karate Kid

At some point, we’re ripped from the warm pile of indistinguishable other humans, handed arbitrary distinctions, and made to feel like there’s no one else on the planet that feels what we feel or experiences things the way we see them. It’s this rite of passage that is the most noticeable theme in The Karate Kid, and it doesn’t leave any character behind. The Karate Kid is decidedly un-campy in its attempt to show what it might really be like to be young and forced to move away from the safety of everything you know.

Breaking Away

This isn’t really a plot driven novel but it is very observational and humorous. The complexities of familial relationships have been closely observed. But Breaking Away is not only about friendship and competition, it is also a touching tale of youthful initiation into adulthood.

Rang De Basanti

The movie compares this generation with the generation of British rule and shows that there is no difference in that India and this India. The only thing changed is the time….At that time we were ruled by Britishers and now politicians in white clothes rule us…and we have to follow them…whatever they do, we have to say yes and keep quiet…

The Pursuit of Happyness

Inspired by the real life story of Chris Gardner,The Pursuit of Happyness is one of the most inspiring movies in recent years. A single man (Will Smith) raising his young son(Jaden Smith) is reduced to sleeping in bus station bathrooms and homeless shelters while trying to sell overpriced medical equipment to doctors


Rudy delivers a tale of the undersized, under talented, Daniel Rudy Ruettiger who dreams of playing college football for the Norte Dame Fighting Irish despite his father’s wishes. Because of his drive and desire, Rudy earns a spot on the team and wins the loyalty of his teammates.

Men of Honor

“Men of Honor” tells the true story of Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr.), a sharecropper’s son who is forced to leave school at an early age to help support his family. Convinced that this life just isn’t good enough for his son, Carl’s father, Mac (Carl Lumbly), encourages him to enlist in the Navy as a way out of the crop fields.


This sports documentary – written, produced and narrated by Carlos Larkin – from 2001 (not to be confused with the William Klein directed Muhammad Ali, The Greatest from 1969) covers the life of legendary boxer and cultural icon Muhammad Ali.

Never Say Never

Never Say Never starts at the beginning, when Justin Bieber was young and his mother started uploading short videos of him singing on YouTube to share with family across the country. Strangers started coming across the clips of little Justin and then started requesting that he sings songs of their choice.


IQBAL works because you want the underdog, an 18-year-old deaf and mute village boy, to succeed in his endeavor. The youngster rises from the ashes, faces roadblocks at every step, falls time and again, but gets up and reaches the winning post in the end.


Goal is a story of Southall United Football Club which is facing its deepest crisis ever. It has no stars, no coach, no sponsors, no takers, no spectators and most importantly, no owner. Though a football movie, it also dips into issues like racism and fanaticism linked with this sport. The film achieves in arousing patriotic feelings and also has its share of highs and lows.

3 idiots

Life is all about listening to your heart and chasing your dreams. That’s the essence of 3 IDIOTS. Three idiots is a comedy of ideas that is as provocative as it is funny, as wildly entering as it it insighful. A laugh-riot that talks about the most important of human pursuits; self-actualization.


LAGAAN, one of the fervently anticipated flicks of the year, has ultimately released. And yes, it does meet the sky-high expectations, although it falls short of being a masterpiece. Like thousands of villages across the country, the farmers of Champaner depend on agriculture as the main source of livelihood. Hard working and fun loving, they have small dreams in rain for the crops and food for the families.


Lakshya is not about Kargil war. But it is a movie about a wayward young man finding direction and sense of purpose to his life. The movie’s story deals with the ‘maturing’ of a confused son of an affluent businessman into a man with clear aim in life. There is no doubt that many young viewers will easily relate to the indecisiveness of his character in this half.

Jo Jita Wohi Sikandar

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander is an underdog story. The story revolves around Sanju (Aamir Khan), a young man from a lower middle class, family successfully beats Shekhar (Deepak Tijori), his arrogant and wealthier rival in an inter-school bicycling race which is the highlight of the small town they reside in.

Forest Gump

Ever find the grind of life getting you down? Is the day-to-day struggle threatening to drag you under? If so, there is a movie out there that can replenish your energy and refresh your outlook. Passionate and magical, Forrest Gump is a tonic for the weary of spirit. For those who feel that being set adrift in a season of action movies is like wandering into a desert, the oasis lies ahead.


“True inspiration is impossible to fake,” explains a character in Christopher Nolan’s existentialist heist film Inception. If that’s the case, then Inception is one of the most honest films ever made. Inception as a “dream thief” who infiltrates and alters other people’s dreams, and finds himself caught in a limbo of dream worlds, which the movie tries at considerable length to explain without ever doing much more than parroting the inbred logic of its relentlessly preposterous plot.



“Hackers” is an exciting cyberclassic about a group of gifted, misunderstood teenagers who enjoy hacking into computers but never to harm anyone. Hackers isn’t really an enigma; it was done for glitz, glamour, Angelina Jolie in PVC, and sensationalism. Flashy lights, pulsating music, the whole nine yards. Usually, a movie review gives a synopsis early and concluding statements at the end.


Naruto: No review YET


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