Free Download 15 must have free iPhone Apps

Freebiesbuzz once again as always brings you the best collection of free iPhone Apps for all iPhone users to enjoy in Free Download Section.

With the world gearing up for the release of the new iPhone, programmers have turned 2011 into the year of the app. Hundreds of thousands of unique and useful apps have been released this year alone and are being downloaded at alarming rates. Best of all, many of the top apps are absolutely free. Here is a look at 15 free apps that every iPhone or iPad owner should download.

Free Download 15 must have free iPhone Apps

1. Photosynth

This app turns the iPhone into a platform for taking amazing panorama photos. Users do not even have to take separate pictures. Simply tap the screen, move the camera about, and let the app piece the pictures together. Get it at

2. Pandora

Pandora remains the premiere music streaming app for the iPhone. Those that download this app are going to want to look into good mobile broadband deals as Pandora has recently lifted its 40 hour weekly limit for all users. This means unlimited music. Get it at

3. Howcast

The object of this app is short, simple, and to the point. There is a huge selection of videos showing step by step instructions for doing everything from origami to mixing a unique drink. Get it at

4. Xfinity

Turn any iPhone into a DVR remote with this app. Users with great mobile broadband deals will be able to access their DVR to record and schedule shows from anywhere on earth. Get it at

5. Audible

Audible is the perfect tool for book lovers that are on the go. Audible offers audio books in genres ranging from lectures in science to classic fantasy novels. Get it at

6. Land-a Panda

When it comes to taking a break on the iPhone, Land-a Panda is the way to go. There are no birds or pigs in this game, only flying pandas that must be navigated through puzzles on 16 unique levels. Get it at

7. Merriam Webster Dictionary

iPhone owners cannot go wrong with this vocabulary enriching app. A quick and handy reference to the entire dictionary. Get it at

8. Accuweather

No one will be caught in the rain without an umbrella after this app is downloaded. Users can check in on daily alerts, local weather radars, or weekly weather reports. Get it at

9. Hound

While iPhone owners won’t be streaming much music from this app, they will be wanting one of the best mobile broadband deals around to stay connected to the internet. Users simply speak the name of a song, band, or artist and immediately get bios, tour dates, and other vital information. Get it at

10. HeyTell

A quick and easy app that allows users to speak with one another with a single tap of the screen. No minutes used and no cost. Get it at

11. Thermo

This is a throwback to the old days of watching mercury rise and fall. Thermo is a simple thermometer in an interesting design. Get it at

12. Sonar

This unique app displays the Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook accounts of all those in the same room. It even offers helpful hints on mutual interests. Get it at

13. Opera Mini 6

The perfect solution to high data charges, this optimized web browser streamlines internet surfing for those on a data usage budget. Get it at

14. Onavo

This background app automatically compresses all data sent by the iPhone. Not only does it speed up internet speeds, it cuts back on data usage by huge percentages. Get it at

15. Super 8

Utilize the iPhone’s camera to take videos with various filters and effects that coincide with the hit blockbuster, Super 8. Get it at

Article written by Spencer Hogg from Broadband Expert where brilliant mobile broadband deals can be compared to get the best deal for you.


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