Download Free Facebook App for Mobile Phones

Heading out of town and want to stay connected with Friends and Families over the Facebook? Well here is an absolutely Free Facebook App provided by the Facebook Site itself. It is very User Friendly and provides you total control over your Facebook Account to an extent.

Facebook launched this App before some months ago specifically for the Mobile Phone users and this App is compatible over 2500 Phones. Let us see the various Tools and Features this App provides for the users.

Download Free Facebook App for Mobile Phones

Features of Facebook App for Mobile

  • It is Free of cost to Browse over this App for the selected carrier vendors such as Airtel, Tata Docomo, Reliacne, Videocon etc. to a period of time according to the vendor’s contract and changes with time.
  • Very Light and Easy to Use.
  • Its Official Link can be had from the Facebook Site itself just see for the details in the left column of the Window Screen.
  • Can be Downloaded within few seconds.
  • Managing Accounts is the easiest task in this App.
  • Once this App is downloaded it prompts the user for Login details.
  • Provide the Login details and enjoy the Facebook experience in your Phone with more control over your Account.
  • In the Screen displayed after the login it has a Grid View which views all the necessary tools such as Status Update, News Feeds, Notifications, Events, Photos, Messages, Profile, Friends etc.
  • User can set their status in few seconds with the help of this App.
  • News Feed is nothing but the current stories and events taking place on your Facebook Wall such as friend’s activities etc.
  • One of the major Features in this App is Take a Photo.
  • By using this Option the user can take a Photo from his Phone and upload it Instantly over the Facebook. Which is the most Flexible Feature.
  • User can check out their messages over the Facebook and in the event section it provides all the upcoming events and all the Birthdays of friends and families in the near coming future.
  • Finding friends over the Facebook is made easy using this App. We can even invite friends using their email ID and can send them SMS.
  • Various Facebook Apps present over the web can be had access.
  • Viewing Notifications is made more Easy and Faster by the use of this App.
  • This App turning out to be the milestone App in the Mobile Phone’s world

Download this App from

Download Free Facebook App for Mobile Phones


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  1. March 8, 2012 at 4:22 am #

    i use this app and like it vary much have you used the new chat system for facebook this is a good ad on for facebook i think
    i use it all the time to reach out to family and friends to let them know what im up to where im at.

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