Angry Birds Game now on Facebook this Valentine

Get ready to welcome the most amazing Angry Birds Game on the Facebook. Well we all know how famous and familiar Facebook is with all the people around the world. Almost every PC user is connected to Facebook and they get connected to their friends and families using this amazing Facebook Social Networking Site.

Well if you are wondering to have some fun on Facebook then there is good news for you because Angry Birds Game for Facebook is going to be launched on 14th February it means this Valentines Day. This Facebook version of Angry Birds Game Is going to be launched from Jakarta, Indonesia because it is  considered to be the global capital of Facebook.

Angry Birds Game now on Facebook this Valentine

You can find many Indonesian users online all the time and most used all around the world by these users. This game is already available for PC, iPad, iPhone, Androids, Online and for various browsers extensions such as Google Chrome but now it is Facebook’s turn. The game play of Angry Birds is so easy that anyone can play it very well.

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The Facebook Fan Page of Angry Birds is also available and it has crossed above 13 million users and who knows by the time you read this article and check it out then it may increase a few more millions fans. The Rovio Company has decided to incorporate with Samsung and pre built this Game on all the company’s Smart TV and this reported by Penn-Olson.

In order to take the gaming experience onto the next level company has also
decided to make it seamless and all the time connected experience it means you can play the undone game at any time and on any supported smart device like iPad or Smartphone.

You can also find this amazing Facebook Angry Birds Game trailer on YouTube too. In this trailer you can see the featherless flying birds attacking the mean pigs who stole their eggs from their nests.

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The Angry Birds Game is already downloaded by millions of users all around the world on many platforms. But his Facebook Angry Birds going to be a bit different so folks just wait and watch. You may be thinking why to launch on a Valentines Day well then it doesn’t affect the popularity of this game. So Angry Birds Game lovers get ready to play this game on your Facebook account.


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