8 Best Free iPad Applications Free Download

Working with your iPad is made much easier with an iPad projector, and you will find that most of your free applications are much cooler when you display them onto your wall with an iPad projector. There is a host of free applications that you can download for your tablet, but there are a certain few that stand out as being the most useful of the iPad free applications:

8 Best Free iPad Applications Free Download

  • Dropbox is a program that is created for PC, but iPad now features a Dropbox app that allows you to transfer your media from one computer to another via a secure file sharing service. You will find that it will be a great alternative to Finder, and transporting media to and from your iPad has never been easier.
  • iBooks is a simple book reader program that comes with every iPad, but you will find that the latest upgrades make it a comprehensive program that is one of the best reader programs of any tablet device. You can manage, read, convert, and store all of your favorite e-books, and you can do more with iBooks than with any other reader software.
  • Kindle is a good app to have on your iPad if you read a lot of books purchased from Amazon, as the Kindle app ensures that the books are compatible with the iPad OS. You can also access the Amazon catalogue of books directly via your iPad Kindle app.
  • Pandora is an app that allows you to stream music directly from the radio to your iPad, making it an excellent alternative to those who would prefer to avoid iTunes software.
  • The Twitter App is one of the most used ones, as it enables you to connect directly to your Twitter account from your iPad. The app is incredibly easy to use, and you will find that Tweeting has never been easier.
  • Flipboard is an app that combines all of your social networking sites into a single program, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, RSS news feeds, and Flickr. You will find that the latest feeds and news from your favorite social networking sites is instantly downloaded to you iPad via the app, and this unique app is one of the most popular iPad apps of the year.
  • The CNN App ensures that you can instantly access all of your favorite news from the international news network, and the app is designed to display all of the information in a way that is appealing and easily organized.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express is perfect for those who want to edit or modify the images stored on their iPad. While it may not have all of the features of Adobe CS 5, it still has everything you need to fiddle with your pictures and edit them at will.


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